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Emillie Day. Welcome to the inner most thoughts of my mind. In Recovery For Self Harm & Anoriexa.  Colored Hair. Piercings. Indie Musician. Blogger. Jersey Girl. Punk. Gothic. Wicked Juggalette. Fashion. Photography. Youtube.

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Message In A Bottle

When I see you I see my future.

Let me paint you a picture

Somehow nights are longest without you

But as I sleep and dream

My heart shows me what I want to be true.

I do not doubt, I do not grieve

I only see your face before me

Fabric of lace and knots block my vision but I know you never leave

Your fingers find mine and I say I do.

She is beautiful beyond compare

Silky long blonde hair that falls and flows

Her voice soft; a sweet whisper

She laughs and plays calling for her mother.

Imagine emotions that move like ocean currents.

My heart sways with waves at the shore.

I watch the horizon and wish

For the deep never ending sea remains my love for you.

My lips seal the letter with a kiss

At the hour when the last ray of light sparkles on the rippling surface of the waves

I call your name and toss my letter

Eger one day you will read it and find it not in vain

For my love floats away against the waves with my message in a bottle hoping it finds it’s way

One Day At A Time

Many nights I spend on the streets; sometimes taking an hour or two to nap in the local graveyard or under the bridge, where all you can do is stay in the shadows.

I met many people in my travels. When at their lucks end I’ve found in search of food or clothing young teens and adults resort to stealing or begging. I, myself as well as others I met along the way perform on the corners of Main Street for a few dollars here and there.

You know who we are, you pass us on the streets without a second look and we like it that way; we do what we can to survive. Taking it one day at a time.  

-My little start to a writing blog I want to create. There is a lot I want to write about and I hope my followers will like it- 

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